Czech Military parade on 28th October

On Thursday 28th October, on 90th anniversary of independent Czechoslovakia foundation, must everything be perfect. There will be 1 692 participants and almost 200 pieces of military hardware on the 2 hour parade. The organizers promise that it will be different from that pompous marches, as we remember them form the communist age. It is also going to be the first real military parade after the Velvet Revolution. There was one in 2003, but it was a parade in historical uniforms.

The parade is going to take place in Prague, Everopska street, the start is planned on 1 pm. In the front of the units is going to go 16 originals of historical standards from the First and Second WW, and which once belonged to Czechoslovak Units in the Great Britain, USSR and in Africa. Those pieces of fabric probably survived communism by a miracle.

The programme starts by a flyover of air forces. On the standard carriers connect the marching units of the army, police, firemen and police officers, in the complete length of 850. Their march will last for 11 minutes. The longest part of about 30 minutes belongs t the hardware, among which are tanks, helicopters and even snow scooter.