Milan Kundera wants an apologize for his allegations

The writer Milan Kundera wants an apologize from the Respect Magazine, which printed the article about Kundera reputedly informing against Miroslav Dvoracek in 1950, who was later sentenced to many years in prison.

Kundera described, which should be the formulation of the apology. In the case Respect is not going to do it, he is going to sue the magazine.

Respect published the article a week ago. It is called Udání Milana Kundery. According to it, the former western agent Miroslav Dvoracek returned from western Germany to Prague, where he accidentally met his friend. He let a briefcase at her apartment at college, where Kundera allegedly saw him and rushed to lodge information against him to the communist police.

Kundera denied he would inform against anyone, he doesn’t know how his name got to the report. Publishing of the information, with visible anti-Kundera coloring and with no other basis than the one paper got criticized by many historians. Hradilek (the author) also didn’t discuss it with the writer. On Tuesday, the Academy of Sciences had openly spoke in support of Kundera.

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