Prague Exhibition Ground going to be renewed

the front building stayed, its left wing is no more The Incheba company agrees with the endeavour of Prague of fast renewal of the left wing of the Industrial Exhibition Palace, which was destroyed by fire. They stated it in a reaction to the Prague city addition to the contract. According to the addition the Incheba would pledge to use the money from policy to rebuild the left wing of industrial palace, and the rest eventually pay from their budget.

In the case the invested part would be lower than the policy, Incheba would transfer the the rest of money to the city of Prague. Incheba informed, they have insured the area of the Exhibition ground with 2,5 billions czk. Both sides now negotiate the contract addition.

The historical palace from 19th century caught fire from spray explosion. The sprays, intended as a cleaning means for teeth drill were stored at a stance of Pragodent company.

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