Skoda cars getting cheaper first time in the history

It is hard to find a better proof of automobile industry crisis in the Czech Republic than this. First time in the history of the label the cars got cheaper, some of the models up to 100 000 czk. “We have get to the decision at the basis of increasing competition pressure and the ongoing economic crisis.” Jana Skocdopolova from Skoda Auto stated.

new skoda octavia The car company brought their new price list yesterday, 22th October. Prices of all the models dropped, for example Skoda Superb without equipment dropped of 50 thousands czk, the best equipped model of about 100t czk. The model Roomster is now available for less than 300t czk.

Skoda Auto now fight, like the most of European car companies, with great recession in car sale. Because of it, the whole next week is going to go with constructing of new cars.

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