Legendary Indian Gold in Prague Exhibition

The legendary Indian gold, which is a part of the Peruvian national treasure, arrived yesterday evening to Prague. In the seven massive chests were packed 90 golden items of uncountable historical value. Before the treasure was stored in the show-cases of the Highest Burgrave of the Prague Castle, it was throughfully checked by two Peruvian curators with the director of the Peruvian National Museum director. Only these can touch the treasure.

The complete exposition will present golden cups, death masks, ritual knives and jewels, but also gloves made of gold or long past Inca epilator. The pieces are wonderful, illustrating goldsmithing abilities of Andean culture before the country was seized by the Europeans. They will be unpacked and presented in following days, so they could be presented to the public from 1st November to 29th May 2009.

The Organizers expect that the exhibition is going to attract visitors from Europe, not just form the Czech republic, as it was when it became a hit in Germany, becoming a worthy spend time for 160 thousand people. It is opened daily 10:00-18:00. Adults 220, students/seniors 160 czk.