Prague Firemen did Good job, Industrial Palace can be reconstructed.

The insurance companies Uniqua nad Ceska podnikatelska pojistovan are going to give Incheba company the policy money for the Industrial palace renewal. The Industrial Palace in Prague was stricken by fire last week and it lost its left wing. Even when Prague firemen were on the place in a few minutes, the fire which started from spray explosion was too extensive to save the left wink. They worked hard the whole night in order to stop the fire from jumping over to the main building, using the technique called ‘water wall’. This week, they were awarded by medals, for saving at least the rest.

The city is going to urge the works so the wing would be back at its place in 2010. Accordign to speakers of Uniqua, Incheba only needs to bring the conception of using the policy, effective use is going to be accredited and the rebulkldation can start.

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