The Pope to Czech state: Return St. Vituch Church to the Church

The Czech republic has been suing for fifteen years with the Catholic church about the most important Czech religious cultural monument, the St. Vitus Cathedral. Recently, the pope Benedict XVI. entered the discussion and strongly recommended the Czech Republic to ‘return’ the property to the Church. As a matter of fact, the building was made half and half by the Church and the state, financed from both sources. The communists taken the church into complete possession of the state, now the Church want the complete possession to be transferred to them.

The Czech government doesn’t want to transfer the President’s office into the hands of the Church, they have in mind a compensation, on which basis they could both benefit. On the last try, they wanted to return to the church a third of their possessions, the rest should be compensated by a financial amount, the last idea was to give 83 billions czk. The compromise was however crossed by Vlastimil Tlusty and others, who voted against it. The solution is far away.

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