Czech Etymologist escaped from India custody

Darjeeling, city at the traditional border of India and Nepal
Emil Kucera went through a movie-like adventure at his escape from India. He, together with Petr Svacha were seized for collecting of beetles in India national park. They however claim they have never entered the park. The whole case was full of obscurities, the outcome only underlined its absurdity, as one of them was discharged, the second one got three years.

Kucera gave an interview for the CT, so we know how it was – his appeal which should have taken a week ago didn’t take place – simply nobody came there, so Kucera knew the Indian authorities are not going to give him righteous case. He wrote his girlfriend, who send him his second passport and money for the trip. Than, he moved to Darjeeling, and as he knows very well the area, about 2 hours walk was enough to get to Nepal. From there, he flew back to the Czech Republic.

The escaping etymologist has send e-mails to Czech embassies, apologizing for his actions.

And now the cherry on the cake – Petr Svacha who should have been home a month ago, stays, thanks to inability of Indian offices, still in India.