Klaus wants to get rid of Topolanek

It all started by one exposed SMS message, where in 2002 Vaclav Klaus writes about the freshly elected leader of ODS: “Empty and false Topol” showing his attitude to Mirek Topolanek. After that, Topolanek helped Klaus to be elected president twice, but Klaus became to be even more criticizing. Their antipathy was clearly visible during the Russian-Georgian conflict. Topolanek saw the Russian aggression, for Klaus the guilty one was Georgia. When they found out the President and Prime minister has different opinions, Topolanek checked: “It is true the president represents the country, but the unpleasant thing is he doesn’t have support in his own government.”

After the regional and senate elections Klaus said that “… one political party was erased from the political map.” Topolanek has refused that: “… outcome of parliamentary elections is still valid, and the political map won’t be changed in that sense.”

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