Senate elections in CR – Again, CSSD won

The voters came, voted and decided they want change. Again, the elections ended by a crushing win of the Social Democrats (CSSD) in the whole republic, except for Prague. CSSD won in 23 from the total 26 districts, it total they will have 29 senators. ODS won in 3 Prague districts, it lost six chairs, altogether it will have 35 senators. KDU-CSL has seven, KSCM 3, SZ 1, the rest parties have 5.

And meanwhile the Social Democrats spend the weekend celebrating and looking for the best word for describing their success (the most taken was ‘epochal’) the Civic Democrats debated about separating the function of the ODS leader and the Prime minister. In other words – how to make Mirek Topolanek leave the lead of ODS. But if he wasn’t the Prime Minister, the government wouldn’t probably last.