Bem to became the new leader of ODS?

After the Civic Democrats sustained the crushing defeat in regional and senate elections, the party is looking for a new leader. Even when Pavel Bem lately resisted many speculations he should be the leader of ODS with reasoning he really enjoys being the Mayor of Prague, the time has changed and beside Evzen Tosenovsky, there is no other person so popular in the party.

Bem officially accepted his nomination yesterday and in six weeks, at the December meeting he is going to face Mirek Topolanek. Bem has a powerful ally – the president Vaclav Klaus, who agrees with him being the new leader of the ODS.

Evzen Tosenovsky, on the other hand, has the reputation of a non-conflict person, also he doesn’t played his part on the debacle of ODS, like Bem did as the vice-chairman. One question remains – even when the party finds the lamb in Topolanek, is it going to change anything in the parliamentary elections in 2010?