Paroubek's party murderer: a normal quarrell

Police investigation of Vaclav Kocka murder is going to its finale. According to the police the motive of shooting at the Paroubek’s book was not a payback of two mafia groups, but a ‘normal’ pub quarrell. If those two, who were clearly highly positioned persons of Prague underworld, wanted to settle accounts, they probably wouldn’t do it on Paroubek’s book party. If they weren’t drunk.

If the court finds Duricko guilty, he can get 10-15 years. The murder got media coverage as a consequence the victim was a famous son of the Matejska pout renter, also because the shooting took place at the party of CSSD, right before the regional elections. The funeral ceremony was massive. Both the shooter and the victims are members of Social Democracy.

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