The Industrial Palace will revive. By Erotic Exhibition this weekend.

Since today to Sunday, the Industrial Palace at Prague Exhibition grounds, which suffered from fire and lost its left wing, is going to host the Erotica Sex 2008 exhibition. This time, it will have to squeeze into the main building and its right wing.

What is the exhibition about? Firstly, it is possible to buy here ‘usable things of erotic character’. There are going to be meetings with porn actors, and presentations of ‘thematic movies’. Beside of it there will be 45 exhibitors, offering ‘erotic clothes’ and ‘job in the field’.

The Zlata Hvezda awards (Golden Star) 2008 are to be given away, for the best actors in the field, also some of them will perform live there. The organizers also promise there will be ‘free entertainment’ whatever that means. The tickets are 299 czk.


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