Bronze babies at Kampa

baby on zizkov tower One of the unofficial Prague symbols, the black babies which climb the Zizkov television tower and bring back to memory that to make innovative art means to fight the system, like their author, David Cerny. His babies at Kampa are, as opposed to those black at Zizkov, bronze-coloured.

The sculptor, whose art is placed in many public spaces of Prague, co-produces the face of Prague, whether we like it or not. Even when the Bronze Babies are at Kampa legally, for example during the August anniversary of USSR occupation of Czechoslovakia he wanted to put a pink occupation tank again on the street, however the government had strongly opposed. Cerny didn’t waste time, found a sponsor, and put a torso of an occupation tank on the square by himself again..

He didn’t get in confrontation with the law this time. So Kampa park in Prague is now in token of giant statues.