Respect is not going to apologize to Kundera. The writer considers to sue.

The Respect magazine is not going to apologize to Kundera for the article “Kundera informer” Kundera’s representative in the Czech Republic Jiri Srstka announced Respect wrote him very briefly, they are not going to apologise for anything. Kundera is now considering his next steps, the legal proceedings for personality protection against Respect is not excluded.

Respect published the article about alleged Kundera’s informing in the middle of October. At the basis of the document, which a historian found in the office for totalitarian regimes study they claim the famous writer alleged an anti-communist fighter Miroslav Dvoracek, who than spend 14 years in a communist prison.

Kundera said the article is an “attempt on a writer’s life”. And a few personalities stand by him, e.g. literary historian Zdenek Pesat, who claims the informer was Miroslav Dlask.

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