Czech Police has new cars, 2009 style management of traffic accidents

With the new Suberbs and Octavias, the Skoda park of Ceska Policie became much faster and …nicer, thanks to the new coloring – silver metallic with blue and yellow lines. The police president Oldrich Martinu comes with a courageous promise: He wants police officers to be at an accident until 15 minutes. The present experience is people are often forced to wait for the police more than a hour.

The police leaders claim the 15 minutes limit can be kept. Since 09 there is the new law, which makes the traffic police come only to an accident, where someone gets hurt, or the damages are higher than 100t czk (4t €). There will be less work from the quantitative point of view – the crashes under 100t make 80% of all police departures.