Drastic Clips for Increasement of Road Safety: they appear less they should, critics say

The Ministry of Transport decided to finance the most expensive and drastic campaign for Road safety in the history of the Czech Republic. They even paid a film director Renc to direct the clips. He now belongs among the biggest critics of the campaign management – many point at the campaign ‘invisibility’. As they say: “The films “Nemyslis, Zaplatis” (You don’t think, You will pay) should have been everywhere, it should improve so they would really form a campaign. It should be strong, striking and not spread in two years. We are going to have a meeting discussing, how to make it more effective.”

What is the main problem, according to the director? The way the campaign is led. The project is planned for two and a half of year and so it can’t match with shorter, but more hammering campaigns, which is also confirmed by advertising experts. As LN point out, the campaign of Czech EU Chairmanship is literary everywhere. Compared with it, the campaign with traffic thematics are practically invisible.

The Ministry of Transport says the campaign is not possible to judge after a month, as it is supposed to last for two years. If we consider the October traffic accident rate, it was slightly better than the usual October average.