The tunnel under Vysehrad is out of order

Will there be chaos in the automobile and city traffic? It is probable, because since today until the end of the month the important tunnel between Vyton to Podoli will be closed for all the traffic except the pedestrians. The tramlines going through were in a critical state, the Prague tramways going through could go only ten kilometres /hour. Since today, there is no other solution than to drive round the Vysehrad rock by a bus, or by a ferry.

Which lines are gong to go another way? It is the line 3, 17, 21 and the night line 53. Line X17 is going to connect the stations Prazskeho Povstani and Podolska Vodarna, at the stations of the line 148. The line 728 connects Dvorce and Budejovicka. The line 150 is getting more cars. What is more, the large ferry ships will be going on the Vltava river since 6:00 to 22:00 among the Vyton dock and Podolska vodarna. Ships are labeled X21.