Topolanek wants to stay in the lead of ODS

The leader of the Civic Democrats Topolanek doesn’t want to give up the fight for the ODS leader’s position, even when they suffered a crushing defeat in senate and regional elections. Topolanek announced he wants to vindicate his post on the December congress.

“I don’t want to fly in the half-time. I stood behind my work as the prime minister, I am not afraid to account at the next elections.” the prime minister said.

There are two partymen ready to be in the nomination, Pavel Bem has announced his official candidacy, Evzen Tosenovsky ‘considers the nomination’ but quite probably he is going to be in the list.

Topolanek also wants to change the present party functioning; “we have turned from opened, fair discussion, from limitless discussion without prevarication. I consider it to be mine mistake as well as a mistake of the whole ODS lead.”

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