Old Town Square: Enthusiasts want Historical Pillar to return, have 3 pieces of replica already made

The pilla long gone The group dates their origin at 1992. What do they want? Rebuilding of Mariansky Sloup, the pillar which stood at the Old Town Square since 1650. Yesterday, they commemorated 90 years from the day it was pulled down.

The ‘Society for Mariansky Sloup restoration’ gathered on the Old Town Square together with some more supporters of this piece of art, who attempt to return the sight on the most important Prague Square.

Three pieces of the pillar replica have already been cut out, as a professional sculpturer has been working on it for years free of charge. But whether it will be authorized to return is a question. The city hall has denied their request three times, but if the Old Town Square Town Hall will be restored, it may be restored as well.