World Famous Writers Stand by Kundera

The Czech writer Milan Kundera, accused of alleged informing for the communist police, gained support of his renowned colleagues yesterday. Eleven of world renown writers, among which are four laureates of Nobel prize for literature have disapproved the “smirching campaign” led against Kudnera.

Among the signers of the document published in Paris are i.a. Nadine Gordimer, Gabriel García Márquez, John Maxwell Coetzee and Orhan Pamuk: “… a insinuating campaign with the aim to blacken Kundera’s reputation with the allegation he was informer in 1950”

With respect to Kundera categorically denying the accusation, and also literary historian Zdenek Pesat supporting him, the authors come to the conclusion the Czech press has too often spread the fame with consternating easiness, not considering what contradicts it.

Kundera still haven’t expressed, whether he will go all the way to defen his honour at a court, as he consideret suing, unless he gets an apology from the magazine.

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