Nigerian Songster ASA in Prague

The ‘Nigerian Tracy Champan’ Asa, who should have performed at this year open air festival Respect already, finally arrives to Prague. She is going to sing this Saturday. Asa, by own name Bukola Elemide, belongs to the most interesting discoveries of the contemporary Western-African scene and thanks to hits like Jailer or Fire On the Mountain from the last year eponymous debut album she got into sub-consciousness of European listeners.

Beside her African temperament we can look forward to typical songster urgency. She likes to float on the vibez of reggae and jazz, the easiest way to define her would be as a folk-soul musician. Records of the ‘falcon wife’ are at her myspace. Asa at Palace Acropolis in Prague on 9th November 2008, the concert starts at 19:30. Something warm into this weather will definitely be a relief.