Obama is the President, will it change Czech Radar negotiations?

As the Social Democrats (CSSD) won regional and senate elections in the CR, with their programme i.a. focused against the US radar base, whether it will be build is still a question. But still – most of the society has all the negative US policy connected to the character of G.W.Bush, with him gone, the chance they will finally built the thing will increase.

The world of Czech public space dominated Kremlin propaganda against the radar, and neither G.W.B nor the ODS bothered to explain the Czech society the radar is actually good. FSK (formerly KGB), on the contrary, didn’t waste time and spend years by an anti-radar crusade. Thanks to it, now almost 2/3 of Czechs is against the radar, but that can change. Change is what Obama won with, right?

Obama may negotiate with the EU and NATO more than Bush did, he also started to negotiate the radar matter with Czechs, using YouTube ( watch here ). Russia traditionally threatens, we are slowly getting used to them haunting us with weapons, so Medvedev announced they are going to build radars as well as an answer.


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