Austrian director let Dukovany explode

the infamous temelin, which works very well so far The Czech nuclear power plants are a theme for debates of many Austrians. The most hated is the Temelin power plant, which was build partly by Russian, partly by American technology and Austrians do not hesitate to demonstrate against it loud.

What is in the movie? Explosion of Dukovany power plant. Thousands of Austrians run to the shelters, firemen trying to help the exposed to radiation… drama First Day was viewed on the Austrian television ORF 2. The director Andreas Prochaska gained world primacy – it has never happened a real power plant would explode in a film.

Even when they defend they only wanted to make a partly documentary movie, it only adds fuel to the flames of the general assumption Czechs are not able to run their power plants. Which is of course a nonsense, what’s more Dukovany belong to long-term among the most securely operating nuclear power stations in the world.