The Residents present The Bunny Boy

The legendary music group The Residents return to Palace Akropolis. The group became famous not only by their experimenting, but also by their innovator approach on their unique albums. Their album Freak Show was the first sophisticated CD-rom for instance.

The group completely hides their identity. They use the unique image of huge eye bulbs with a cylinder put one their heads. There were no ‘exposed’ pictures, so we still don’t know who the members are.

During the whole time of their existence, they have never made a single compromise towards the commercial scene, yet they are one of the most recognised formations on the scene.

Their style varies among music and visual perception, performation of classical music, avant garde and modern theatre art.

The Residents present their new album The Bunny Boy in Prague, Palac Akropolis, Kubelikova 27, Praha 3, Thursday 20/11/2008 from 19:30 Tickets at Ticketstream, at the place 80o czk.

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