Goods worth 100 million czk burned at the Vietnamese warehouse

It is too soon to say what was the cause of the SAPA market-hall, as the investigation is going to take a few weeks at least. The building was a maze – many lower ceilings and long shelves on the area of two football fields on each other complicated work of firemen, but luckily no one got hurt, like the last time a few years ago, when a fireman fell through such a lower ceiling and had to be rescued himself.

The chairman of Czech-Vietnamese society Marcel Winter pointed at huge personal misfortune, which stroke about six hundred Vietnamese tradesman, as the warehouse was packed to the roof with goods for Christmas markets, he personally estimating the damages to 100 millions czk.

The extensive fire was fought since Thursday midnight by 420 firemen and they won their fight on Saturday, after long 40 hours. Considering the number of firemen in action, this fire was one of the biggest in the history of the Czech Republic.

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