Prague Zoo can still use their logo

Prague Zoo can go on using their horse logo, the court decided. This is the end of the long-term dispute, when the artist Michal Cihlar sues Prague Zoo for using the logo. The artist made it for the Zoo in 1998, but due to their mostly personal dispute he retreat from the cooperation, demanding to get money for every use of graphics he ever made for the Prague Zoo under a contract.

The Director of Zoo Petr Fejk, who made the contract with him, declared the legal proceedings the artist entered surprised him and the whole Zoo – Cihlar has never complained during the nine years the Prague Zoo has been using it. “I assume his contemporary behaviour is a purposeful operation with effort to get more money” and the court agrees with him.

The Zoo tried to find a new artist, but they weren’t successful yet. The Campaign ‘Made by Nature’ became, from a substitutional one, a full campaign nowadays.