The Levellers come to Prague, are catchy on their new album

The English group return to their roots, they introduced their last record by a concert in the Czech republic as well. It is clear they, after years of struggling, found the lost effect and return in good health. They again open the music box with sharp rhythms, sing-along reference and in the political lyrics aim directly to the top places of the ‘rotten society’. Their new album Letters From The Underground returns to their 90’s roots, into the trash-folk madness and sharp social critique.

At the contemporary concerts won’t be just their successful news, but they surely like to play their older tracks from A Weapon Called the World or Levelling the Land. The band themselves and their office staff had been personally involved in fighting the legislation throughout the previous year, taking part in marches, organising fly postering campaigns and adverts in the mass media, setting up fund to which many bands contributed, and raising the awareness.

The Levellers in Prague on 16th November 2008 in Palace Akropolis.