Vaclav Klaus Thinks he is EU Dissident

The president Klaus said he considers himself to be a dissident of the European Union, he said that during his three day visit of Ireland. His words were said in the context of his private visit of Declan Ganley; the businessmen who has merit in Irish ‘no’ to the Lisbon treaty.

According to the Irish Times Klaus dinner with Ganley evoked disgust at the Irish government, who allegedly even complained at the Czech embassy in Dublin, LN informed.

Klaus remembered his perpetual antagonist Vaclav Havel, who always supported dissidents, and compared himself to him, stating that Havel meets dissidents, and he meets them too – the dissident of the EU, and that he is a dissident too now. The sad part is he didn’t say it as a joke.

To compare a person who boycotts necessary reformations of the EU for his own profit to a dissident like Vaclav Havel, that is really… something.