Legal Age in Czech Republic: Now 14, criminal responsibility, papers, sex

The parliamentaries have passed a revolutionary change in Czech criminal code. Young people will get more responsibility and rights a year earlier than we were used to.

The reason is increasing violent acts committed by 14 year olds,with almost no possibility of adequate punishing. That is going to change. The parliementaries have agreed on hte proposal, according to which in 2010 even the 14-yos could enf up in prison.

The law went through with dificulties, though; some said it is “criminalizing of kids” but the same responsibility has kids in Germany and Austria as well.

the reform of the criminal code brings another important changes. For a planned murder one can get up to 20 years insteda of 15, finally stalking is going to be punishable. On the contrary, a murder on a tyran will be considered less punishable.