The Charles Bridge Reconstruction Dispute probably ends in a draw

The situation is quite paradoxical.

The capital doesn’t agree with the outcome of the historian inspection of the Ministry of Culture, according to which the Charles Bridge railing is permanently damaged. They said for Denik: β€œThe style of control was very biased, the inspectors came with an opinion, they didn’t care about points of our specialists.” the deputy of Prague Town Council Martin Trnka said yesterday.

The reconstructing company has appealed to the minister of culture Vaclav Jehlicka. The problem of the whole dispute is the inspection claims there were too many stones replaced in the railing, but as the bridge is repaired by the City Deputy of Sights, which is the deputy organizing the reconstruction itself, so the office should decide among their opinion and the opinion of the inspectors.

The question is, whether is the Ministry of Culture going to deal with it, or set another commission to inspect the works and the last inspection… in any case, a pedestrian won’t notice there is anything wrong with the bridge railing anyways.