Czech European Chairmanship Logo

For the next half of the year, the country is gong to be flooded with bright letters. The Chairmanship symbol of the Czech Rep is ‘EU2009.CZ’, brought out in colourful letters. The other logo is the European map made of colour letters. The Prime Minister deputy Vondra explains it symbolises diversity and openness, our strong points.

The logo will be everywhere – on billboards, in television, on many souvenirs, like ties and scarfs, umbrellas or bags. That is a common practice in all the EU countries. The logo will appear at all the official events of the Union, which are going to take place in the Czech Republic in the first half of 2009.

Meanwhile Czech Government prepares for the event, the President Klaus earned critique in Ireland for his meeting with the local fighter against the Lisbon treaty. Irish foreign minister labelled Klaus’s opinions as absurd.