Klaus creates an unrealistic picture of the CR abroad

The Irish criticize Klaus’ words on the expense of Lisbon treaty. Klaus’ very often used word is ‘false’, (usually everything he disagrees with is false) so the Lisbon treaty is “shallow and false”. According to the Irish Foreign Minister Michael Martin Klaus, who labelled himself a EU dissident forgets that the real dissidents once helped to to free the countries of eastern block from communism. At that time, Klaus never did a thing for the dissidents like Havel, on the contrary, he was preparing himself for a career in the Communist party.

They consider Klaus especially dangerous in Ireland, because in this country was the treaty rejected on the contrary of what the government wished.The Czech President doesn’t mind the Lisbon treaty was denied especially of voters of the left. The Czech Green Party let himself be heard: “Klaus’ ultraconservative personal opinions, which he spreads no matter his constitutional function create unrealistic image of the Czech Republic”