The Drastic Campaign for Road Safety new Videos

The efforts of the Ministry of Transport to lower the number of deaths during car accidents brought us another 2 short movie clips of opened brutality. In the first spot, a car of young newly-weds smoke a joint of marijuana during driving, leading to not giving way to a bus, which smashes their car and kills the bride. In the second clip a new-born baby flies from the arms of the mother on the back seat to the windshield, dying, sending its mother to an insane asylum. If you dare to watch it, you can go to

The campaign has shown us very naturalist movies so far. In the last three videos we have seen many ways of deaths by a driving wheel, there is probably more at where it comes from. The most expensive campaign of the transport ministry with the budget of 5,5 million € is going to last until 2010, the media is Czech Television, Internet, magazines and billboards.

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