Berlusconi expressed love to Russia by aversion to Radar

The Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi claims the project of the American Radar in the Czech Republic is “a provocation of Russia” he said that during the official visit of Russia. He added that “the process of EU, USA and West drawing apart from Russia” should be stopped Corriere della Sera informs. “The problem in relation of Russia and the West exists and it could change in a catastrophe needlessly.” he points out. The strong statement was heard before today initiation of the EU and Russia summit in Nica.

Berlusconi also says what caused today tense atmosphere: “…the provocative project of the American anti-rocket defense in Poland and Czech Republic, the foreign recognition of Kosovo and the planned entering of Georgia and Ukraine to NATO. The Russian President announced that he is going to move nuclear rockets to Kaliningrad last week.

72 yo Berlusconi likes to provoke, it is question whether he puts himself int the role of a possible middleman among Moscow and Washington, or on the side of Moscow.