Former criminalist infirms alleged Kundera's informing for communists

The Czech writer Milan Kundera, who, according to the article of a young historian Adam Hradilek in 50s laid information against a former western agent Miroslav Dvoracek

According to the police investigator at the time, Kundera didn’t have to come to the police office and inform against anybody. The witness of the techniques Alois Paser, now 81, has worked as a criminalist and in 1949 and 1950 cooperated at investigations at Prague Letna college. Sudents allegedly often reported about suspicious individuals on the college, the same way could have been reported Dvoracek.

According to the Paska’s analysis the record was made after the action at the college, when Dvoracek was arrested. Pasek so concluded the criminalist could have written Kundera’s personal information as a ‘college foreman’, i.e. the person they can contact when in need.

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