Sex With a Fourteen? Doctors are against the new law.

The new criminal code shocked the sexologists. The problem is not in a teenage couple having sex, but in the possibility of tossing a 14yo to some deviant legally. For example the Sexologists Zelmira Herrova says: “Fourteen is a sensitive age, when the kid learns to make love to a partner. If one has sex earlier, it is not complete on the emotional side. When they realize later, they have guilt feelings.

The sexologists know it is legal i.e. in Austria from fourteen as well – they simply say it is wrong, as human sexuality forms between 13-15.

If girls start having sex at an early age, even when gynaecologists say it won’t harm their physical health, their mental health is in danger, say sexologists. They know, that girls that have sex before they are 15 have often more sex partners, they are more frequently sick with sexually transmitted diseases and have more interruptions.

Is the possibility of getting a few more teenagers to jail really worth jeopardising lives of the much more numerous rest?



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