The Communist Party returns to Power. Slowly, steadily.

After 19 years the communist party wasn’t allowed to do legislative they return to power at two regions, where they will govern with CSSD. In the Moravian-Slezko the CSSD led by Jaroslav Palas, who is ‘an ex-communist’ himself, agreed with the communists they will parcel the chairs 8:3. We can see return of old communist politicians, like RSDr. Svatomir Recman (RSDr means he studied communist politics at the university.)

The joint of CSSD and the KSCM (Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia) aroused sharp reactions. The Opava ODS member Zbynek Stanjura said the regional government is now under communist management, meaning decay.

The election was accompanied by the Young Conservatives and the representatives of Political Prisoners Confederation, stating: Paroubek told us we will get used to commies. Let him know we will never get.”