Czech M.P. Against Sex With 14 Year Olds

“I can’t make it up with legally throw fourteen year old girls before various deviants” the father of four daughters Jiri Cunek stated. The chairman of Czechoslovak People’s Party and a senator has announced his intention not to support the new Criminal Code passed by the parliament because of the age of criminal responsibility from 15 to 14. Fourteen year olds would not only be responsible for their crimes, but could also be a sexual object for the adults.

Hi opinion is shared by a number of frontal sexologists, they say the physical readiness does not equal mental readiness. For example Petr Weiss knows from his many years of practice that the girls who have sexual intercourse at an early age are more likely to change partners when adult.

The new criminal code should be valid since 2010, so the relevant non-complicated novel of the law could be made easily next year.