Right-wing extremist demonstration turned into carnage

Seven injured politicians, the same number of injured demonstrants from the lines of neo-nazis and right wing extremists, plus two police cars set into fire. That is the outcome of yesterday extremist rampage in Litvinov. One of the most hard battles of radicals with the police in the last years started as a licensed demonstration of right wing supporters against local Roma people. During a few hours it changed into rampage.

The crowd of right wingers and locals went to Roma ghetto at Janov. The first fights start in front of the neighbourhood, when the police blocked the road, separating the neo-nazi from Roma crowd. The first fights start. Police on horses rush into the extremists crowd. Stones, petards and smoke grenades fly in the air. Fights continue until the evening. At the end, somebody throws molotovs into parked police cars, setting them in fire.