Sarkozy Softens the Critique of the Anti-rocket Shield

At first the french prčesident Nicolas Sdarkozy announced, Europe doesn’t really need the rocket system, a day late he smoothened his statement down. He said every country can decide for itself.

Sarkozy’s statements about the American defense system, which is now a topic the whole world has something to say accumulate. After he met with the Russian President Medvedev and said there is no rocket system necessary in Europe, he turned around.

On Saturday, Sarkozy in Washington during the G20 meeting said the agruments for building-up can have racional arguments behind. “We must go through new geo-political questions” Sarkozy said on Friday meeting with Rudssia. “Every country should decide for itself” he said on Friday.

But really, is it too much to question? When Russia wants to Build rocket launchers as an adequare answer, we probably should build it as fast as possible, before Russia finds real partners for its plans.

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