Pool: Klaus does harm to CR

STEM Agency made a research, finding out three quarters of interviewed think the Czech President shouldn’t present his personal opinions without respect to the official stance of the Czech Republic government. Moreover, one half or enquired said Klaus does harm by his opinions the international image of the Czech Republic.

The in formations of the very renown opinion research agency are not to be taken lightly. The Czech television broadcasted it during the main news in a reportage about the Lisbon treaty. As for the treaty- 42 percent people understands what is it, the rest doesn’t. 1/3 don’t care about it, 1/3 like it, ¼ don’t like it.

Whether is the Lisbon treaty in conformity with the Czech constitution is being examined by the Constitutional Court, it should decide probably on 25th November. The Greens, and KDU-CSL are strictly or, also the CSSD. Klaus is against.

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