Right-wing extremist carnage in Litvinov has 12 accused already

Those twelve people, who were detained on Monday demonstration in Litvinov, will have to explain their violent behaviour aimed to Litvinov Gypsies. They are 19-31 year olds, come from various cities, and there is also one foreigner. Most of them attacked the police cordon. Another case is of one woman, who shouted racist slogans.

During the sharp fights of Monday were hurt 16 people in total. In ten cases, they were policemen, the rest are civilians. The most injured is one neo-nazi, whose explosive exploded in his hand, tearing of his fingers and burned also other parts of his body. He is at Vinohrady Hospital.

The small Litvinov ‘War’ brought a anew question: Why the locals massively supported the neo-nazis, in numerous cases helping them to escape the police, or even shouting anti-Roma slogans with them? From the big part it is Litvinov sold the residential area to reality companies, that moved problem renters there, form which there is many Roma people. The Rest of the Village complain about noise and mess.

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