Future Toll in Prague: Proposal of 120 czk

The charges for entering the old city centre in Prague could be more expensive, that was originally assumed. The representatives always talked about amounts usually stopping at 100 czk, but that is probably a history. According to the material of the counselling company Deloitte “When setting the charge to 120, the traffic is going to drop by 20% in the area” If the toll was 80 czk, the traffic would drop by 14%.

Surely that is a lot, but the total costs aren’t low either. The total, together with the necessary parking lots reaches above 4 billions czk. One of Prague representatives Witzany points out the system of one-way communication would be better, as the toll will only fill the city cash box with no effect on the traffic.

The Prague Mayor Bem is of the opinion it is too soon to jump to a conclusion. According to him, those 120 are just one of many proposals and didn’t want to comment it, which on the other hand means more yes than no. He concentrates more on defining who shouldn’t pay it, like locals etc.