Jewels from age of st. Wenceslas at Prague Castle

The collection of 30 historic silver, golden and goldened jewels decorate, since yesterday the permanent exposition at the Prague Castle – the Story of Prague Castle, which shows the visitor the thousands of years of history of the most famous Prague sight.

The jewels originate from 9th and 10th century, so from the time, when the area of the Prague Castle started to be be developed into the king’s garrison. The pieces were found in the burial ground behind the Prague Castle Riding School and they are displayed for the first time.

Almost the whole burial ground was being examined by archaeologists between 1972-1987. The unique site offers, for the present, view on the Moravia Magna period of of culture of the Prague Castle inhabitants.

The value of findings from the castle cemetery is being estimated at tens of millions czk. The oldest graves are from the 9th century.