Burger King comes to the Czech Republic

The fast food chain opens their first Prague restaurant this week on Thursday, in the shopping centre Zlicin. “We have decided for Zlicin and not for the city centre, to show the customers we are here especially for the Czechs, not foreigners.” say the director of Burger King franchise of the CR.

There is space for other chains of fast food on the Czech market; “The demand exceeds offer on the market of this kind of food. There are people, who will always look for this kind of snack, and their numbers will be increasing with increasing purchasing power. The folks increasingly spend more time outside in any case” said analyst Mayer for Lidove Noviny.

The cornerstone of Burger King is the grilled hamburger Whooper. Its main distinct feature is its ‘smoky grilled taste’. The competition is not afraid of a new player – for example the speaker of Mac Donald Drahomíra Jiráková says that their restaurants are visited by 150t people a day.

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