The Prague Christmas Tree chopped down, soon ready

The more than 30-metre pine tree was chopped down yesterday by the woodsmen in Northern Bohemia, in Krkonose mountains. The 90 years old spruce is going to decorate the Christmas Markets on the Old Town Square. The timber should be felled in the morning, however due to heavy snowing it needed to be done in the midday. Right now, the tree is going to Prague, by a very slow truck it should be there by Thursday midnight. It is going to be erected at 3 a.m.

The tree has 65 cm in diameter, and it is going to be ceremonially lighted up near the beginning of the advent, on 29th November around 6 p.m. The markets will begin, then, the Christmas markets start, offering the traditional fun like traditional toys, snacks, hot wine, but also concerts and christmas workshops for kids.

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