Czech Neo-Nazi group will be banned

Delnicka Strana (Workers party) known for their demonstrations for extreme aims is going to be banned. The government supported the opinion of Ivan Langer, appealing to the highest court for ban of the party. The party has called in another demonstration as a reaction, and again in Litvinov, where the extremists tried to get to Gypsy part of the village to make war.

Langer said: “Democracy must have strength to defend against political parties, which under disguise of free political competition break the law.” The Worker’s Party surfs on the wave of social displeasure, connected to the world financial crisis, and also on the hatred which the majority keeps against Roma people, (also Roma people against the majority!) and unwillingness of politicians to effectively solve the ‘Roma question’.

The Workers party effectively uses the low instincts, offering no solutions, but offering violence. “Such institution, like Delnicka Strana, is not, and will not, be tolerated in Czech Politics” Langer added. The question remains, whether banning the party will, or will not, bring more members into the same party under a different name.