Institutional Court: Vaclav Klaus vs EU – Lisbon Treaty

The Czech Constitutional Court is going to negotiate the Lisbon treaty, which is going to change the operation of the European Union. Depending on the standpoint of the court, the treaty will be dealt with by the Czech government lately.

When this year in March Vaclav Klaus hunt the votes among the Czech Parliament in order to became the president again, he promised a lot of things. I remember one – he promised the KDU-CSL, who in the end decided the vote, that he is not going to block the Lisbon treaty, if the government decides they are going to sign it.

Klaus was voted the president and yesterday he declared in Radio Cesko, he is going to hesitate with signing the treaty. That he is going to wait, whether Ireland, the only European country who denied it, is going to change their opinion.

The is other problem is, even when the Institutional Court is going to accredit it, Klaus doesn’t have any deadline for signing, so the treaty hated by him can lay in his drawer for infinity.


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