Czech Senate Approving the Radar Treaty

The Radar treaty passed through the parliament, and now it also has to get through the senate, to be approved. The Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg start the meeting by saying: “We have to decide, which message we are going to send to Obama’s America.” when he asked he senators to support the programme.

The senate has to decide, whether they approve, first time since 1989, residence of foreign soldiers on the Czech territory – the radar in Brdy would be operated by Americans.

The Prime minister Topolanek emphasized the base is not aimed against Russia, which protests against it aloud. But he also objected to Russian activities aimed to cancel the plan realization. “For me it is unacceptable to be the Prime Minister who is going to obediently bow and open doors to Russian neo-imperialism. “ by which recalling the 20-years stay of Soviet army at Czech ground.

It depends on, which signal are we going to send to Obama’s USA, Schwarzenberg continued in the theme which Topolanek started. He continued, we are going to show, if we are allies, or whether we need some more time to think.


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